Cesano’s Research and Development Centre

Cesano’s Research and Development Centre

A large part of our activities are centered in offering high quality services to our road and motorway network’s clients. Anas’ strategic business activities are described in this section. Our efforts are always aimed at those who use our road and motorway infrastructures for work, but also at those living or working near this network. We also provide specialized services to companies that operate in our field, such as tests on construction materials which are carried out by Anas’ Cesano Research Centre. Here you can find information on our VAI app Anas’ Integrated Viability system with real time geo referenced information on traffic and open construction sites, as well as the calendar of driving restrictions relating to certain periods of greater interest, such as our Snow Plan and Summer Exodus. Here you can also consult the CCISS webpage the National Infomobility Center.

The Cesano Research Centre (CSS Centro Sperimentale Stradale di Cesano) tests construction materials, particularly the ones used in roadways. The experience gained over time, the modern equipment adopted and the advanced computer systems used make this research Center a benchmark for certified consulting services and for high performance testing and services for modern road network management.

Since 1968, the CSS is listed UGG Scarpe Prezzi as one of the country’s official National laboratories (Italian Law no. 95/68). With its own technicians, the Cesano Centre participates in work groups and committees UNI (Italian Organization for Standardization), FEHRL (Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories), CEDR (ConfĂ©rence EuropĂ©enne des Directeurs des Routes), PIARC (Permanent International Association of Road Congresses), SITEB (Italian Association of Asphalt Bitumen Roads) that prepare and update technical standards and spread information and results on road related issues.

Among the main projects the CSS is engaged in, there is the DYNAMAP (DYNamic Acoustic MAPping), a LIFE+ project, that Giubbotto Peuterey Uomo aims to develop and implement Scarpe UGG a dynamic noise mapping system capable of detecting and representing in real time the acoustic impact of road infrastructure. The main objective of this project is to facilitate the updating of “noise maps”, which, as established by the European Noise Directive 2002/49/EC, shall be performed every 5 years, and reduce their costs.

The CCS also carries out a number of other activities, such as the testing of new noise absorbing and low emission pavements and the research for new additives to use in asphalt layers.

The CSS, which already received the ISO 9001quality certification, is about to initiate the certification process for some of the main tests, in compliance with ISO 17025.